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Nobody should live with chronic tooth pain. If you have an infected tooth, we can often save your tooth with root canal therapy. Getting a root canal is not as painful as many people believe. Dr. Corey Warrenbrand performs the root canal using innovative techniques and offers sedation dentistry options for those that need it. Read some of our patient testimonials to see how simple a root canal can be.

Reasons to Get a Root Canal

  • Persistent toothache
  • Noticeable swelling around just one tooth
  • Pus or infection forming around the base of a tooth
  • Noticeable abscess
  • Jaw pain

Dangers of Neglecting Root Canal Treatment

Even though skipping the trip to the dentist’s office may sound attractive, you will be doing more damage if you do not get a root canal when it is needed. Whether you have a damaged tooth because of deep decay or a fracture, you may need a root canal to restore the tooth quickly. Getting a root canal will eliminate pain and other symptoms immediately while putting you on the path to better oral health.

Preventing the Need for a Root Canal

While traumatic accidents to the mouth or jaw may cause damage to the tooth to prompt a root canal, there are some things you can do to prevent a root canal altogether. Preventive care is always a priority at our practice and you can prevent the need for a root canal by keeping your teeth in good shape.

  • Floss regularly
  • Break a teeth grinding habit
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Take steps to prevent gum disease
  • Get gum disease treatment immediately
  • Eat a healthy diet to prevent cavities

If you think you need a root canal, get the relief you need fast. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Warrenbrand today!

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